Assignment 2


Create a series of between six and ten photographs on one of the following subjects:

  • Things
  • Views
  • Heads


Initial Response

Although this brief may seem very short for an assignment, I can assure you there is much text surrounding this, that explains various ‘Things’, ‘Views’ & ‘Heads’. Not only does the photographs need to be one of those subjects, but the series needs to sit as a collection. 

Instead of a deep and in-depth assignment brief, this brief is a more of trial it yourself and use your creative flair and create your own pathway and do your own thing, with just slight guidance instead of strict guides. I feel this assignment is more of a ‘show us what you got’ rather than ‘follow this’.

I think this gives some leeway into using your imagination and to creating some lovely and cool pieces of work. 

One of my first thoughts was ‘YES’ when I read ‘Views’ as I am going Iceland soon and feel this could be an insane opportunity to miss. 

Having read through all of the text and a brief look at the photographers mentioned and text, I feel that a lot of it was very interesting and I could talk about and use some of it in my own work. I also had an idea or two about other photographers and work I could talk about. 

In all, I am very excited, and hopefully I can produce some interesting work that I can label a ‘collection’.


Mind Map

Please click on the link to view my first thoughts, also known as my Mind Map.

Mind Map


Artist Annotation

Below you can see my annotations of Edward Ruscha’s work. I talk more about him over on my research section.

Edward Ruscha


Shoot Plan

For this shoot I am going to go to Iceland. Well I mean, not specifically for the shoot, but I will be in Iceland on holiday, so I will use this to my advantage to take some beautiful images of ‘views’. whether or not it is landscape, cityscape or any other aspect of photography will be determined when I am there, as I have never been there before I am not sure what to expect.
I have looked at all the artists offered surrounding the brief and I have done a fair bit of research and gathered various inspiration and thoughts that will help inspire my photographs whilst shooting for this assignment.
My technical approach will be various, as I do not specifically know what I am going to shoot yet, mostly everything in my path whilst I am there. I will hopefully come home with so many photographs it will take me a year to sort out.
Depending on what there is to shoot, I will be taking all my lenses and my batteries, memory cards etc. to make sure I am well equipped for the journey.
I will use my mind map and my current knowledge to help execute a shoot worthy of being one of my best so far, so I can really show how far I have come in photography!


Contact Sheet

To view my contact sheet for this shoot, click the link below.

Contact Sheet


Contact Sheet Annotation

Contact Sheet Annotation




Image 1


Image 2


Image 3


Image 4 


Image 5


Image 6



The Collection


To view my annotations, which include why these images make a collection, click the link below. 



Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed

Image 1 & 4 –

Aperture: 14
ISO: 250
Shutter Speed: 1/250

Image 2 & 3 & 6 –

Aperture: 14
ISO: 320
Shutter Speed: 1/250

Image 5 –

Aperture: 14
ISO: 200
Shutter Speed: 1/250



I found this assignment very challenging, but also fun. I feel the brief was strange as it gave lots of artists, but not much meaning to the collection. I think that the brief had a lot of freedom, and gave an interesting spin to the amount of possibilities, to create a collection. Out of the three options I chose to do ‘Views’. I chose this as I was traveling to Iceland when I started the assignment, and felt it would be beneficial for me to take my camera and to try and capture my assignment whilst over there.
I had no issues with applying my current knowledge and the specific requirements throughout my shoot. I tried not to be repetitive and to give an explanation to my collection, rather than ‘here just some beautiful pictures’ I intended to do a Joel Meyerowitz style shoot, but this was only planned later on as I didn’t know what to expect in Iceland. I did however, make use of research and used Godwin’s research along with other inspiration to help guide me to a strong shoot.
In terms of preparation for the shoot, I pretty much packed for anything and everything. I took all my equipment with me, well most of it and managed to access my research when required whilst I was over there. I also continuously reminded myself of what I needed to do in terms of briefing and kept focus throughout. The techniques I used came from the instructions and shot landscape as I was shooting landscape. I made sure my camera setting was in line with the brief also.
I feel the content I produced was of a good standard and feel that the images sit together to create a stunning collection of the waterfall with a snowy backdrop. The angles I used and what I included and excluded were very important because this clearly shows that what landmarks can look like from various angles with their surroundings.
Working within a time frame, strong winds and lots of people did take its toll, and I reckon it would have been a better shoot if I adapted some of my images to be from even stranger angles giving the shoot a more abstract feel.
In conclusion, the shoot itself is really cool of the waterfall and the surroundings, I think it is interesting that you can see the waterfall from the various angles I have taken it from, some looking more magnificent than other angles. The collection really shows how landscape can look from a shift in location, and that the smallest of detail, may it be rocks, or fences, create texture and lining that another image, may or may not have.



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