Project 3

‘Traces Of Time’


Project 3 – ‘What Matters Is To Look’


Exercise 3.3 – What Matters Is To Look



Find a good viewpoint, perhaps fairly high up (an upstairs window might do) where you can see a wide view or panorama. Start by looking at the things closest to you in the foreground. Then pay attention to the details in the middle distance and then the things towards the horizon. Now try and see the whole view together, from the foreground to horizon (you can move your eyes). Include the sky in your observation and try to see the whole visual field together, all in movement. When you’ve got it, raise your camera and release the shutter. Add the picture and a description of the process to your learning log.



Initial Response

For me, I may be misreading, or just rushing slightly, but I feel that project three is slightly strange. From the research point to this shoot doesn’t seem to spark a connection as such for me, but never the less, I still will try my hardest to comply with the research point and brief. Maybe it is all about the smallest of detail. I can see the thinking behind the shot and feel it will be good to talk about my reasoning behind the image.

Alberto Giaometti

Alberto’s work seems very complex and detailed and looks rather interesting from an audience point of view. You can either look at the detail, or as a whole piece of art. When looking at the detail, it almost looks like a kids drawing, it looks rough, messy and not that great. But when you look at it from further away, and you look at the image as a whole you can see something within the mess, usually a portrait, and some of them look abstract and original. His work gives me a very diverse opinion on it because of his style. 


Shoot Plan

In this shoot I only really need to take one image for this part of the course and do not need a massive selection of images, this is more of an experimental image rather than a selection for an exercise. Plus, the exercise clearly states one image. So, following the brief, of a high vantage point and following the rest of the instructions, this image will be produced at my house. I will observe the view and take into consideration what I am doing before taking the picture. I will be using my 18-55mm for this shot. 


Image 1



Please click the link for a brief analysis of my image.


Description of Process

This process was fairly simple, I chose a high view point and simply did what the brief asked me to do. Which was to take note of my foreground, midground and background including sky. I then was instructed to point and shoot, showing what I was looking at.

Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed

Image 1 –

Aperture:  11
ISO: 1250
Shutter Speed: 1/200


Research Point 

To view my research point for Part 3, please click the link and follow it to the bottom of the page.



Project 3, Part 3 has been rather challenging, not so much the image, but more the research point. I understood the ‘decisive moment’ but I was not sure how to analyse others comments and thoughts about it. I tried to be analytical as possible and provided various quotes from the sources provided. I then either agreed or disagreed with them and their opinions on the subject. 

I feel that the research point didn’t really gel with the second half of the project where you had to take an image from a high up vantage point and maybe felt that this would have been better as a separate project. Although, one was a research point and the other was an exercise, it did seem that it was very much part of the same thing. 

As I have progressed through this project and the course I feel that it would be more beneficial for me, that when I come to doing a reflection that it is also a written analysis and states the assessment criteria points within it instead of a separate piece of work, because it is all about reflecting on my work after all. So, from now on I will be rolling two into one.

Demonstration of Technical and Visual Skills

In this part of the course, I feel that my demonstration of technical and visual skills is evident in my work. I have used the course materials as a basis to express my views using my observational skills and using various techniques to ensure that my work is clear and easy to read. When I did the shot for the exercise, I made sure that compositionally it qualified for the exercise and I was able to use it for that purpose.

Quality of Outcome

Personally, I feel my quality of outcome is strong. Both in the shoot and in the research task. Although, the research task took me much longer to get my head round than previous work, I have felt that I have explored various materials regarding the ‘decisive moment’ and I have tried my hardest to supply a good point of view that clearly shows my opinion on the subject matter and others views. I have tried to communicate my ideas to the best of my ability by truly noting down my feelings and opinions on others work and my own thought on the project.

Demonstration of Creativity

Not so much for the research point, but rather the shot. I chose a window, high up that had various objects within it. From the foreground to the background it showed a variety.


Critical thinking was a big one for this project. I had to think a lot! I had to think about what others thought, what I thought, what the meaning was of the subject and how I and others perceived it. My research was thorough and was in depth looking at all sources of research and then using them to justify my own thoughts on the matter. When reflecting I feel that this has been a good time to clear up any loose ends in relation to my thoughts and to really show what I feel of my work and my progression throughout the course.



Overall, I feel that this way of reflecting is more convenient and can help massively to put it into all in one. Rather than doing two separate pieces of work. 
I feel that the research point was a tough one, but I managed to get it done in the end! Hopefully not having to review it in the future!


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