Assignment 1 Research

‘Square Mile’


As I have created this research section after doing my first assignment, I am not going to go into any depth about any research like I will in future work. In future work I will be using this research section for deeper research and other work of artists that I have come across in day to day work and life.


For Assignment One, I looked into a variety of artists suggested by the OCA but didn’t document my thoughts on them. In my future studies I will be doing this as it is vital that I express why I feel why certain artists work and others don’t for the brief I am currently working on.


Karen Knorr was the only artist I looked at in any depth for Assignment One. Even the research I did for this could have been more extensive.


Below I have copied over the work from Assignment One so you can see her work and my thoughts.


Karen’s work is very impressive and you can really feel the power of her photographs. The reason I chose her to focus on for my square mile assignment is because I feel her photographs focus on a particular object in the centre of her photos. This really strikes me because the object stands out amongst the vibrant background of the image.  Her images contain various patterns and some are even framed within her images. Other parts of her work are black and white which gives a real sense to the meaning of the image and the positioning.

You can check out her work here:

Here you can see some annotation I did of her images: Karen Knorr Research

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